I attended Michelle’s Wellness Retreat in July 2019. What were the best bits? Well, where to start… it was a digital detox and a chance to step away from everyday life for a couple of days. A time to focus on myself and my own needs in that moment. There was walking in beautiful woodland, skimming stones on the river, and conversation around the campfire… to name just a few of the joys of this retreat. I even had my first ever experience of a woodland shower – there is something both weird and wonderful about showering in the outdoors, surrounded by trees and the sounds of nature. And, of course, Michelle provided plenty of activities to get us thinking and contemplating career, health, relationships, and life generally… where we are right now, and where we want to be and what future we want to create for ourselves. And that’s not even mentioning the delicious food (read: feast) Michelle created for us… all on a camping stove! I returned home feeling rested, relaxed, recharged, and ready to take on the week ahead. I thoroughly 100% recommend this retreat! And that’s not overstating it even one little bit!