Love, love, Love this class! I’d curiously been following the Pink Belt page for a couple of months but was apprehensive about starting….id never done this sort of training and wasn’t sure if my lack of experience would hinder getting the most out of the class….I couldn’t of been more wrong! Finally took the plunge and started attending in the new year, and now I look forward to class all week! The sessions are tailored to include absolute beginners with little/zero experience. The instructor, Michelle, is friendly and welcoming, she takes her time to ensure everyone is picking up the techniques and performing the combinations safely and accurately. All work is carried out with pads and gloves so you won’t get hurt…its training and technique based, not fighting each other….which is perfect! All the training benefits of kickboxing without the bruises! I’m 39 and was beginning to feel my age but now I’m feeling stronger and the tension in my back and joints from office life is actually subsiding! I leave each class sweaty, feeling full of energy and alive! Highly recommend this class….2 enthusiastic thumbs up from me!✨???✨