I have to say that the session had a lasting positive impact on me, and on my opinion of myself and what I’m capable of. Michelle listened attentively and I felt she expertly guided the session to achieve the right balance of letting me talk as long as I needed to, whilst keeping the conversation on track. She helped me to realise that the workload I had at the time was actually something to feel very proud of, rather than beat myself up that I wasn’t doing enough and needed to do more. She helped me consider my goals and break them down in to more manageable chunks, and helped show me some ideas of how to manage my time more effectively in order to achieve my goals. Unfortunately I then left the country for a year so I was unable to continue the sessions, however, I am now in a position where I am putting it all in to practice and I have never forgotten the coaching I had from Michelle and am implementing the above elements now. I am confident that I am firmly on my way to achieving the main goal that I set out for myself during our session, and if all goes to plan it will be achieved in the next six months.