As a busy working mother of 2, whose husband was often out of the country, I sought information from Michelle about coaching as I was was aware that it was a tool that people were using but I was unsure of how it could benefit me. Michelle was excellent at explaining the role of coaching and what it could and could not do. Her ability to easily build rapport easily was evident and made our sessions productive.

Due to my moving work locations not long after I initiated the coaching sessions with Michelle, I could only take part in 2 sessions, but they were all I needed to reinvigorate my sense of purpose and understand the benefit of taking time for self reflection and setting goals. Although this takes time – which I initially thought I didn’t have – having time with Michelle to think clearly and set attainable goals, actually made me more productive and enabled me to actively pursue additional past times and voluntary activities that I had previously placed in the ‘too busy’ box! After only 2 sessions, I felt that my self awareness and motivation had been significantly lifted.