Success Coaching

What is coaching?

Coaching is essentially training for the mind. Just like many people use personal trainers to help them improve their fitness and physical performance, many today use coaches to help them achieve personal and professional goals. Mindset coaching helps anybody who is committed to making changes by bridging the gap from where they are now to where they want to be.

Coaching is both positive and future focused. Rather than focusing on the past and ‘why’ certain things didn’t pan out, coaches look to help create the best possible future for their clients focusing on 'how' and 'when' they are going to achieve their aspirations and making those dreams a reality.

what is caoching
how does it work

How does it work?

I begin every coaching programme with assessing a person's current situation. Once I have a clear picture of where the person is in their life right now and where they want to be, I use a variety of techniques, including neuro-linguistic programming exercises to uncover the (sometimes hidden) obstacles that are preventing the person from achieving their desired goals. I am able to support clients in not only becoming more aware of their sub-conscious beliefs but in developing more supportive and highly empowering beliefs that will serve to propel them towards action and fulfilling their ambitions.

During each session, I work with the individual to identify steps to move them closer forward to where they want to be, as well as experience more enjoyment in their lives right now. In coaching, we ‘begin with the end in mind’, but it is often the journey to get there that leads to those crucial insights and realisations (the ‘lightbulb’ moments) which results in increased confidence and enjoyment of life.

All work is conducted in a confidential and non-judgmental manner and essential for me is the creation of a safe space in which clients feel they are fully listened to and can get the encouragement they need to move forward in the fastest and most empowering way.

I offer a range of sessions and packages to suit your needs. Please feel free to contact me to discuss any questions you may have or if you would like to tailor a programme for you. All sessions and packages are payable in advance via direct bank transfer. Please also note, that bookings cannot be confirmed until payment has been received.

Make an enquiry
A initial complimentary 15 minute chat

This is a friendly chat to discuss your needs and any questions you have about coaching, designed to help you decide if coaching is right for you. It’s very important to me that we ensure that coaching is the right fit for where you are in your life right now and so, there is genuinely no obligation thereafter to commit to coaching nor do I make the assumption at any point that you will become a client. Please email me your contact details and a brief description of your needs and I will get back to you.

Coaching Packages


The total 12 week mind & body transformation for those that want to step up now!
This one to one package of transformational work is uniquely designed for your needs - £995

The personalised programme will include a combination of 1-1 success coaching in addition to tailored fitness training sessions (including hypopressives or kickboxing if desired), regular nutritional consultations along with weekly goal setting and accountability. This is ideal for those who are looking for a recalibration of their overall health, fitness & wellbeing or seeking a supportive kickstart for a new direction in life. Dependent on location, sessions can either be delivered in person or by Zoom to the comfort of your own home.

A personalised exercise programme with nutritional advice
1:1 coaching sessions
Goal tracking and accountability


This intensive programme is ideal for clients that are looking for:
  • A recalibration for health & wellbeing

  • Corporate career success

  • A new direction in life

  • Support in starting a new business

  • Rapid change

  • A complete mind and body transformation