Empowerment Programme

with Michelle Burrows

What is Pink Belt Kickboxing?

Pink Belt Kickboxing is a female only empowerment programme suitable for girls from age 11 and ladies of all ages.

It’s fun, friendly, functional, extremely encouraging and will personally challenge you at your level.

You’ll develop powerful kickboxing skills and define a healthier, more confident you, in mind, body, and soul.

Not forgetting, you’ll tighten your tummy, sculpt your arms, burn your thighs and kick the stress out of the day!

The beginners classes take kickboxing right back to basics teaching you the fundamentals of punching and kicking in a safe supportive environment.

There’ll be the option to progress up to more advanced classes or you can stay at a lower level if you feel more comfortable.

Looking forward to welcoming you!

Pink Belt Kickboxing
Pink Belt Kickboxing program

The Pink Belt Ethos

The Pink Belt ethos is that health and happiness is as much about feeling good on the inside as getting results on the outside. You’ll have fun whilst training, become part of a community that looks forward to training and feel your happiness and confidence grow. Kickboxing gives you real results – it improves your muscle tone, cardio endurance, flexibility and balance like nothing else.

Michelle Burrows
Michelle Burrows
Michelle Burrows, Hypopressives
Michelle Burrows

Online Sessions
For those who would like to get fit and learn a variety of kickboxing techniques from the comfort of their own home, an online option is available! For just £4.99 a month, you can access a full video vault with 30 min recordings to follow along to.

Pink Belt Sessions

Saturdays at 7.45am (Intermediate)

Saturdays at 9.15am (Beginner)

All classes last 60 mins including a warm up and cool down and are held at the St Helens Martial Arts Academy, Gartons Lane, WA9 4RR. Feel free to get in touch to enquire about availability.

This is what some of our members have said…

Love, love, Love this class!

Love, love, Love this class! I’d curiously been following the Pink Belt page for a couple of months but was apprehensive about starting….id never done this sort of training and wasn’t sure if my lack of experience would hinder getting the most out of the class….I couldn’t of been more wrong! Finally took the plunge and started attending in the new year, and now I look forward to class all week! The sessions are tailored to include absolute beginners with little/zero experience. The instructor, Michelle, is friendly and welcoming, she takes her time to ensure everyone is picking up the techniques and performing the combinations safely and accurately. All work is carried out with pads and gloves so you won’t get hurt…its training and technique based, not fighting each other….which is perfect! All the training benefits of kickboxing without the bruises! I’m 39 and was beginning to feel my age but now I’m feeling stronger and the tension in my back and joints from office life is actually subsiding! I leave each class sweaty, feeling full of energy and alive! Highly recommend this class….2 enthusiastic thumbs up from me!✨???✨


Absolute woman power!

Absolute woman power! I started the class about 6 weeks ago with no experience whatsoever and now with Michelle’s support, I feel stronger, so much more confident and I can see the changes to my body and my mindset. It’s a safe environment and you are given time and help to learn a new skill as well as improving fitness and body strength. I was nervous at first to start something new and getting my foot in the door was a big step but the class now sets up my weekend making me feel motivated, empowered and ready to take on anything! Michelle is an amazing and supportive teacher and every week I cannot wait to come back!


Absolutely brilliant!

Absolutely brilliant! I came here with absolutely zero knowledge and zero experience of kickboxing. My fitness levels were super low after having two babies close together so I was apprehensive to say the least. Now it’s the absolute highlight of my week, I look forward to it all week long. I never once felt judged or out of my depth, it’s such a friendly pace and Michelle is wonderful! Can’t recommend this class enough.’


Thanks Michelle for being awesome!

Were it not for lockdown, I probably would never have got into kickboxing classes, but I’m so glad I did! Great coaching, great music, great bunch of supportive women… Feel mega empowered to be learning something new with my middle aged mum bod. Thanks Michelle for being awesome!


..this set-up is unique.

‘Having tried a number of other kickboxing classes over the last year or two I can honestly say this set-up is unique. If you’ve ever wanted to try kickboxing but felt intimidated by the atmosphere in your average martial arts venue put all that aside. This class caters for women and girls of any or no fitness level or experience. Everyone is made to feel welcome and supported in a small, non-competitive group environment. You will quickly make progress amongst like-minded ladies. The instructor is extremely knowledgeable and empowering. Cannot recommend this class highly enough.


…and loved it!

Just had my first ladies only class this morning and loved it! I had my son over a year ago and have been looking for something to get me back into exercise. It was challenging but not impossible and I learnt loads on just one class! A great warm up and cool down too, which reminded me how nice it is to stretch (and I really needed it too!) Can’t wait for next week!