Hypnotherapy and Belief Coding with Matthew

Matthew Burrows, an Advanced Hypnotherapist and the UKs first male Belief Coding Practitioner.

Since being involved in a fatal accident whilst serving overseas with the Royal Air Force I have come to understand first-hand, the healing potential of both these modalities.

I work with clients on an array of issues ranging from all aspects of anxiety, drinking and eating disorders, fears, phobias, self-sabotage and lack of self-love. I also have a passion for hypno-healing and the powerful transformations this can make in peoples lives.

My primary aim in therapy is to use the right modality for the individual. That’s what I love about using both belief Coding and Hypnotherapy as I have the tools to produce rapid results or take things a little more gently depending on the client. I always say “I’m a client’s sat nav”. I will take them to where they truly want to go, in the quickest, safest and most beneficial way for that particular client. I just do it with a bucket-load more emotional intelligence than a sat nav would!

Matthew Burrow, Hypnotherapy and Belief Coding Practitioner

Depending on the issue to be targeted we can do individual sessions of Belief Coding, as most limiting beliefs can be resolved in a single session, or packages of 4 – 6 sessions of hypnotherapy can significantly resolve multiple areas in a gentler way, but over a longer period.

All packages come with a wraparound service to help answer questions between sessions and keep you accountable to yourself to ensure your new beliefs remain focused on helping you achieve your full potential.

Never heard of Belief Coding®?

Backed by scientific research, Belief Coding uses a number of healing modalities to create a ground-breaking method that has helped tens of thousands of people completely transform their lives: emotionally, physically and mentally. One belief at a time.

It is a fast-track technique that helps remove the charge from past traumatic experiences to help clients thrive and reach their full potential.

After thoroughly understanding the limiting belief and outcomes the client wants, this process can support with overcoming ANY limiting beliefs and negative emotions, in a matter of minutes, whereas traditional talk therapy can take years.

It has allowed those undergoing healing to live free from physical symptoms of chronic illnesses such as Fibromyalgia, hit their money goals, get rid of their fear of public speaking or even lose weight, by resolving the cellular memory of trauma experiences.

The method goes to the root of the discomfort, clears the limiting belief and codes in new and empowering beliefs that set you up for a successful and thriving life.